Second cataract done, but…..

I am so pleased that it is now Monday afternoon.  This morning I was awake at 4.30 a.m. waiting for the alarm to go off.  Len had cataract surgery at 6.45.  He didn’t feel good going into it, having a mini heart attack just beforehand.  The nitro took the pain away, as he gets these often.  However, we didn’t want to cancel, as he had already started taking the drops.

I completed his paperwork, and an employee held his arm, and walked him into the surgical area.  There was another really nice couple in the waiting room, and the lady and I went off to breakfast together.  She didn’t want to wait for 5 hours on her own, and I was happy to take her.  We only went to Dunkin, as she didn’t like Starbucks, but it was great for both of us having company.

It was less than an hour after getting back, when I got the phone call, to collect my husband from the other door.

Last time I went in, and helped him with his orange juice, and sugar free cookies.  It was great.  He came out, with a lady helping him to walk, and I literally put him in the vehicle.  He was sweating, and looked like he was having a sugar low.  He told me that they gave him V8, and a sweet pastry that he wouldn’t eat, or drink.  So he had, had nothing by mouth, and they hadn’t told me.

I pulled up in Wendy’s parking lot, and left him in the vehicle, and went in and got him a drink, and something to eat.  I made sure he had some of both before driving home.  He has been stumbling around, and just not good.  So different from the first time, when I sat with him, and he ate, and drank before we left.

He is now sleeping, and I am so pleased.  Surgeries cost a fortune, and patients should be taken care of from start, to finish.  I feel that they really let him down this time.


  1. Hoping Len gets to feeling better. What a scare that must have been for him to have a mini heart attack before having to go into surgery. Praying for a speedy recovery.


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