Led Hat, Easily Adjustable Light Up Baseball Cap Flashing Bright Women/ Men Sport Hat

I do a lot of walking, as well as working out, so was really interested in the LED Hat.  I figured it is a fun product, as well as being a safety product, if I am walking when it is dark.

It is black, and comes with blue, red, or green lights.  You can have them off, on, and flashing, slow or fast.  There is a more expensive version that can be charged up.  This one has a

CR2016 lithium battery in the brim of the hat.  You know where it is by the blue dot on the side.

The hat is suitable for older children, and adults, as it is adjustable at the back.

I like it, as I have long hair, and usually have it up.  My ponytail goes through the hole at the back.

I chose to write a review on this hat, and was not asked to do so, as per Amazon’s TOS.  I am not writing it on Amazon, but on my blog that I personally pay for, and do not have any paid advertisements on it.  The reason I am writing this is that, I do not want Amazon to close my account again, and say that I have violated their terms.




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