Spectrum won’t work with customers, that have been with the company they bought out, for 30 years.

Has anyone else had their cable company change in the past year or so?  We did, and were paying under $100.  Our basic, and standard cable television is included in our H.O.A. maintenance fee.  I felt this was high for the H.D. channels, as we didn’t have H.B.O., or any of the Premier stations, Internet, and home phone.

When our year was up with the Brighthouse account, Spectrum put our bill up another $40.  This is when the Social Security pay rise barely paid for the Part D medical increase.

I have spent several months trying to get a better price, and the best they could do was $128.  I was still not happy with that.

We are now waiting for Spectrum to come, and take away some of our equipment, we are going to the basic, and standard, that we have to keep with them, and getting rid of the rest.  We will still have to pay $8 for the ‘box’, otherwise we wouldn’t get all of the 150 approximate channels.  This will bring our bill down by $36, taking back under $100.

However, next week we are taking away our landline, and Internet, and putting them with another coming.  Spectrum will only be getting $8 + taxes from us.

I am so happy about it.  I hate that smaller companies are being bought out all the time, and then they monopolize the product that you can’t do without.

Has this happened to you?



  1. Don’t get me started. Direct tv had for years, bad ending. In my apartment there is a basic fee of $75 whether you want it or not. I use Dish now for the extra $34 per month. I’m thinking of discontinuing it but it works well and I have the DVR for recording to skip commercials. I realize I am spoiled rotten with it.🙄🤠

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  2. My daughter got direct tv a few months ago but no local channels available which is a pita. DTV made promises they’re not keeping. Homeschooling requires Internet so they chose a package which does not work well.

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  3. Several years ago I got rid of Time Warner cable, Verizon and the Television. Everything I need or wish to watch is on either Netflix or YouTube. #1 I can’t afford to buy a TV. #2 I’m rarely home to watch. #3 Too much TV watching is bad for my poor vision.

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