More channels than we thought on our H.O.A. plan.

We couldn’t wait to check out the television stations after the Spectrum guy left.  My husband still wasn’t sure what we would be getting.

I went through the channels and we have over 200, a lot more than we were given to believe from Spectrum, and also more than my neighbor.  She has a really old box, and when we checked hers, prior to me giving up so many of our stations, I was pleasantly surprised.

My husband can get all 3 English football channels, as well as some of the European ones.  The history channel that he watches often is there, and the 2 BBC channels.

When we moved to our development 18 years ago, we brought our package with us.  I now wish that I had checked what was in the H.O.A. package, and could have saved thousands of dollars over the years.

If you didn’t read the first part yesterday, please check here: Spectrum won’t work with customers, that have been with the company they bought out, for 30 years.

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