Volunteering always makes you feel good

We were at the beach for our timeshare board meeting, so I got to spend some time walking the beach.

I started talking to a couple of gentlemen, and asked them where they were staying.  It was another timeshare.  I mentioned that both my husband, and I are board members on ours.  They asked me ‘Why would you want to volunteer to be on the board, to listen to all the complaints?

I said that we must be very lucky with our one, because it is like a family, and that it doesn’t seem like work for us.  Just pleasure.  I thought to myself that their board can’t be doing a good job if that is what the owners think of them.

Hubby was Vice President at our H.O.A., where we live for 10 years, Treasurer of the local Mason’s chapter for many years, has done most of the offices at the F.O.E. in our area, and been on the timeshare one for several years.  He has been President for the past 5 years or so.

I volunteered at local A.L.F.’s playing the keyboard, organ, piano, and singing for them.  Also at the F.O.E., and this is my 3rd year on the timeshare board.

Love being able to give back now that we are retired.










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