Boxing is one of my loves in life.

Today I had boxing with my trainer, and love every minute of it. He really mixes it up to keep me on my toes. We usually do 4 rounds, and sometimes 5, and by the time I am finished I struggle to catch my breath, and talk.
I really appreciate him so much, and it gives me the opportunity to help other ladies that want to know how to box. I have been working with one lady for a month, and started this morning with another one. I get so much pleasure from doing it, and forgot to add this to my volunteering. The only reward I want from it is, the satisfaction of helping ladies to get healthy.
I can’t explain what a feeling it is to do boxing. Many women think that it is not becoming of a lady to do it. I tell you, not only do you get fit, but also it relieves anger, stress, and anxiety. It is a win, win situation.

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