Bangers and Mash – One of my favorite British meals.

First off I have to say I still want to type favorite the correct way, favourite, but it always gets the red underline as I live in the states.

Getting back to my quick blog today, I just wanted to share the photo of our bangers and mash, that we had at Peggy O’s, in Palm Harbor, Florida.  Yes, I wanted to type Harbour, but got corrected again.  Boy, this blog post is going in the wrong direction, but I have been told that when I write, I get writing diarrhea.  Like verbal diarrhea when you won’t shut up.

If you don’t know why the sausages are called ‘bangers’, it’s because they are so plump, and if you don’t prick them before cooking, they could burst open (explode).

We have numerous English, Irish, and British pubs around us, but I will only go to Peggy O’s, even though it is a fair drive for me.  They outshine every other place I have tried.  My girlfriend went their yesterday, as they had 2 for 1 fish ‘n’ chips.  They had 2 pieces of the biggest fish you can imagine.  She couldn’t finish hers.

If you are ever in the Tampa area, then this is the place to go:




  1. Can’t beat good ol’ bangers & mash! It’s a UK classic but I must admit I’d never really wondered why it’s ‘bangers’ (though yes, you definitely need to fork them while cooking!) x

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  2. I have long read books that used the British spellings and often find myself wanting to add the U. I don’t mind seeing it in print at all. It is a part of the author.


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