Don’t trust Frontier sales reps.

You have probably heard me complaining about Spectrum’s price increases over the past couple of weeks, so really did my research, before deciding to go with Frontier.

It was all arranged for the technician to be here between 8 and noon today.  We got up extra early to ensure that we were respectable.  Got the phone call just before 9 to say he was on his way.

He arrived, and came in.  he knew that we had a landline as we were changing that over, and Internet too.  He asked who we were with, and I told him Spectrum.  He immediately told us that we wouldn’t get the reception with Frontier, that we are getting with Spectrum.  Streaming would be a nightmare.

To cut a very long detailed story short, we wouldn’t be getting FIOS, as it was too expensive for Verizon to continue with it, so our phone and Internet would be on the old system, that couldn’t support the streaming we do, and we could also get problems with phone calls.  I assured him that the sales rep had said that there would be plenty for streaming on the smart television, as well as being on my laptop/phone doing Facebook/emails etc.

He went around the house, and came back, only to say that the copper piping is 40 years old, and we could be phoning them every day with complaints.  There wouldn’t be anything they could do.  We would also be tied in for a 24 month contract, and couldn’t get out of it.  He said that he has Spectrum, and it would be better to stay with them.

I asked why the sales force sell you this package, knowing the situation, as they had my zip code, to verify where I was located.  He said that their job is to make a sale, and it would be useless phoning them.

He suggested that we cancel before he did any work, so my husband and decided that, it would drive us crazy. We cancelled.

Why do Frontier promote this fantastic offer that they gave us, if their service isn’t reliable in our area.  They offer FIOS, but do not tell us that they are no longer laying lines.  We only have 2 choices.  Paying a fortune to Spectrum, or crappy service with them.

Frustrated isn’t the word, but I can’t type what I am thinking.


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