Meal Prep Containers, Epboru [20 Pack] 3 Compartment Food Storage Reusable Lunch Boxes.

I do a lot of cooking, as my husband has diabetes, heart failure, and kidney disease, just to name a few.  I cook in bulk, as we used to own a restaurant, and find it easier to do big batches of food.

That is when the Epboru 20 pack of 3 compartment Food Storage Lunch Boxes, come in really useful.  They are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer Safe, as well as being BPA free.  Also the size allows for regular size portions.  They stack into each other, which is great when your cupboards are well stacked.

I pulled out one today with curry, and rice in it.  That will be my dinner for tonight.  I will just reheat it in the microwave.

If you have children, or go to work, these are perfect for your food.  Also is you are watching your weight, they would make a great portion control container.

All in all, I am very pleased with them, and they will save me using my freezer bag machine.  Those rolls of bags cost a lot of money.  Being reusable makes them perfect for any kitchen.

I did receive mine for free, and have tested them well, before writing my review.

Saved $10 on and ended up being a nightmare.

I ordered an item last year on, and hadn’t ordered anything since.  So they sent me a code for $10 off, of a $35 order.  I hate going to Wal-Mart, but they have the best selection of sugar free cookies, and cake mixes.

I decided to order a few months supply for my husband, and save the $10, as well as gas money.  No problem doing the order, until this morning when I got a text, and email from Discover.

Several orders were placed on walmart,com with my credit card.  Starting small, and then televisions, etc.  I called them, and am not responsible for the charges.  I also went onto the Wal-Mart website to report what happened.  I had no choice but to ‘chat’ with an online person.  Did that, and then had to rush out, as I have had such a busy day.

As soon as I got home I wanted to change my password.  It won’t let me.  I have had codes texted to me, and each time, says an error.  The only thing I can do is ‘chat to an online person’ again.

I am still waiting on a prescription for my husband, which is now 3 weeks late.  I have contacted the pharmacy, and the doctor’s office, and they both say that they have requested the script, and sent the script.  I am at the point of going to the doctor, and physically getting the script, and taking it to the pharmacy.

Any ideas as to what #3 will be today?

Zalik Wine Decanter Hand Blown Design – Superior Quality Crystal Hand Made large Wine Carafe Holds 1800 ML – Lead Free The Premium Gift For Wine Lovers

I totally fell in love with the design of the Zalik Hand Blown design Wine Decanter.  This carafe holds the equivalent of 2 bottles of wine.  It is suitable for white, or red wine.

Then I thought it would look amazing with colored sands, making a design in it.  What a pretty centerpiece that would be.  I can also see how lovely it would be as a vase, with beautiful flowers in it.  So many uses, even though it is designed for wine.

Then I went back to wine, which I do like to drink.  This is from the Amazon web page: ‘The specially designed wine carafe oxygenates the wine and lets it breathe so that it can release its beautiful aroma and unique flavor without the air restriction of your standard bottle.’

I am going to use it for my wine

, and most certainly use it when I have other wine drinkers here.  It is a quality crystal product, and has a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE, so I am thinking of girlfriends that would like this as a gift as well.

I did receive mine for free, and have written an honest review of this beautiful product.

Sub Tropical Storm Alberto didn’t stop the Memorial Day Services.

Yesterday we attended a service at our local Fraternal Order of Eagles, and today it was at the local Marine Corps.  My husband was in the Royal Air Force for 22 years, and his grandson is a United States Marine.  He has been in for 17 years so far, and we are so proud of him.

I hope you have all taken time out of your day, to remember those that fought for their country, and those that gave their lives for us.

I am so thankful to these men, and women, and pleased that I attended the 2 services.

Yesterday 1,000 followers, and today only 999.

1,000 Follows!
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Happy to say that I am now 1010. Many thanks to everyone.


I was going to write a blog post today, as I had 1,000 followers, only to find that someone removed me today.  Whoever you are, that is fine, as I am sure that I will pick up another follower shortly, to bring back that amazing number.

I just wanted to thank each, and every one of you, for supporting me in my writing.  I have been doing this for at least 26 years, and couldn’t go a day without it.

Cross that out.  I am back to 1,000 followers thanks to The Beauty Spyglass.

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PPONE Ice Cream Scoops – with Good Grips (Blue)

This past week I was lucky enough to receive another PPONE Ice Cream Scoop. As they have a lifetime warranty, I won’t be needing it, but I know someone that has children. She will make great use of it. If you don’t have one of these, you are missing out on a great product.


I have thrown away my other ice cream scoops now that I have the PPONE Ice Cream Scoop.  As soon as I took it out of it’s box, I was amazed at how heavy it is.  Now I know why it has a Lifetime Warranty 

It doesn’t have the inner part that you have to push to get the ice cream out.  This is a one piece scoop, that is both a scoop, and shovel.  I love that it has the indentations that allow you to drizzle sauce down them.  It makes for pretty ice cream.

I wanted it for my portions of mashed potato too.  The gravy trickles down the grooves, and then is like a moat, around the potato.

A little from the Amazon website:

  • ‘INNOVATIVE DESIGN SAVES YOU TIME AND ENERGY – Unique shape that is the best combination of a scoop and spade to help you…

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Improving my looks with YouTurn products.

I received the Lash Growth Serum for Fuller & Thicker Lashes & Brows, as well as the Eye Cream for Dark Circles, Puffiness , and Under Eye Bags recently.

First off I wanted to give it a little time to see what I think about the products. It is probably more difficult for me to know how well it does, because I have been using lash growth serums for years, and also use anti-wrinkle cream for the eye area.


I started both at the same time, and love the fine brush for the lash serum. I am able to apply it to the lash area, where it joins my eyelids. I only apply to the top lashes. I have thick brows, so certainly don’t need it. My lashes are so much better than years ago, before I used any serum, so know that this will keep them the same, or may give me a little more length, and thickness.

The eye cream comes out in a thin ribbon, that allows you to use a smaller amount, which in turn will last you much longer. It is really creamy, and goes into my skin well. It can be applied a.m. and p.m. using upward gently strokes. Wait until it has gone into your skin completely before applying makeup. There is no fragrance to it.

I have to say how pleased I am with both products, and at $10 each, they are very reasonably priced. I did receive mine for free, and have tested them, and will continue to do so.

Yesterday 1,000 followers, and today only 999.

152752719916521229879121278753509.jpgI was going to write a blog post today, as I had 1,000 followers, only to find that someone removed me today.  Whoever you are, that is fine, as I am sure that I will pick up another follower shortly, to bring back that amazing number.

I just wanted to thank each, and every one of you, for supporting me in my writing.  I have been doing this for at least 26 years, and couldn’t go a day without it.

Cross that out.  I am back to 1,000 followers thanks to The Beauty Spyglass.


Love the crisscross cold shoulder, LouKeith sexy top.

When I think of tee shirts, I imagine plain V or round neck ones.  This isn’t the case with the LouKeith Womens Short Sleeve T Shirt Round Neck Cotton Sexy Cold Shoulder Top.

I went for white as recently I have been getting colored tops, and love that it goes with anything.  The style is very flattering, as it has a round neck, and lattice on the sleeves.  These cold/off the shoulder tops are all the fashion lately.

It is a very soft material, 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex, which makes it both stretchy and comfortable.  It comes just below my bottom, as you can see in the photos.

I have worn it with my colorful leggings, black jeans, denim shorts, and it works great with all of them.  It is casual, but can be worn with any array of clothing.

It comes in black, burgundy, Royal blue, and the white I am wearing.  The sizes are small through extra large.  It is easy to wash, either on a delicate, cold cycle, or by hand.  I don’t bother to iron it, but smooth it out, and put it on a hanger.

I got mine for free, but at only $9.99, this sexy top is certainly a great buy.


Esqlotre Casual Short Sleeve Asymmetrical Top is a perfect summer piece to wear.

I am so enjoying wearing my Esqlotre Women’s Summer Casual Short Sleeve Tie Front Asymmetrical Top T-Shirt.

I wanted the black with the asymmetrical slant.  It also comes with a straight bottom, in small through XX Large.  Black goes with anything, and I was thinking about my tight denim shorts, jeans, and leggings.

It has a slit up the side, so that you can either tie it, or have it loose to show the style. The material is  60% Rayon, and 40% Spandex, which gives it plenty of stress.  On the label is the brand zeagoo, although the name is Esqlotre on the Amazon page.

The material is lightweight, and is perfect for the summer ahead.  It is washable on a cold delicate cycle, or hand wash.

The top is so versatile as you can wear it almost anywhere.  I was thinking it could also be a cover up over a bikini.  I will wear mine when walking, having lunch out, and great for just relaxing.

The other colors are gray, white, and blue.

I did receive this top for free, and have worn it several times, before giving you my honest opinion of it.