Enjoying my Skymore Essential Oils.

I get through so many essential oils as I have Essential Oil Diffusers in every room of my home.  I also use them with a carrier oil, and Shea butter to make my own body butter/moisturizer.

There are 6 in the box, and comprise off Tea Tree, Lemon Grass, Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange, Mint, and Lavender.  I tend to use the lavender for my body butter, but love the mint and citrus smells in my diffusers.

They are 100% pure and natural, so are healthy and safe, also non-toxic.  These bottles are small 10 ml. size, which are perfect to sit in my bathrooms.  I use the bigger bottles in my larger rooms.  They drop well, which allows you to count the amount you use.

The essential oils are very strong, which is great

as you can use less, and they will last longer.

I am really pleased with these, and did receive them at a reduced price.





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