$15 bonus card if you buy a $50 Ruby Tuesday’s gift card.

Yes, we were back at Ruby Tuesday restaurant today, and it’s only been 2 weeks since we got the free full rack of ribs.

Well we did it again today.  I received a coupon code from them with a B.O.G.O.F. on a equal, of lesser value entrée.  Again we both had the full rack of baby back ribs, and I added the salad bar, for just $1.99 as one of my sides.

While sitting there, I notice the above offer, so of course went for it.  There is a 6 week period in June, and July that the $15 can be used.  We go there often because of their great deals, and I have been lucky enough to use a $15 off in the past, coupled with a free birthday burger.

Not only is the food good, the best salad bar around, but also excellent service too.  The Manager always checks with the customers too.  I brought my entire dinner home today, as I had worked at the gym this morning, was having my boxing lesson at 2.30, and didn’t want to overeat.

http://www.rubytuesday.com/  Every member gets a FREE* appetizer when you join, your choice of either a FREE Burger** or FREE Garden Bar Entrée** on your birthday, plus exclusive news and offers.

Eating free food is so good. Thank you Ruby Tuesdays.

B.O.G.O.F. tomorrow at Ruby Tuesday!


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