Arsenal or Chelsea game today? We managed both.

We were in such a dilemma today, as Arsenal where playing against Burnley, at the same time, Chelsea playing Liverpool in the Premier league. It is so close to the end of the season, and Liverpool are in 3rd place, Chelsea in 5th, Arsenal 6th, and Burnley 7th.

Coming from the south of England, I love all the London teams. Hubby has always been an Arsenal fan, but they have had a difficult season, this year.

We started watching the Arsenal game, and then I thought, why not try to get the Chelsea game up on my smartphone. Not a problem with Spectrum, I logged in, and it worked. So then I went onto my laptop, and got it there too.

We watched Arsenal win 5 – 0 on the television, and Chelsea win 1 – 0 on my laptop. Happy day for us.20180506_130213

Both Manchester City, and Manchester United can’t be overtaken, but it does mean the Chelsea, or Tottenham Hotspur could overtake Liverpool in 3rd place.

The top 4 teams in the league, get to play in the European tournaments the following year.


  1. I watched the Chelsea and kept up with the Arsenal game on my phone. I’ll miss Wenger at the end of the season.

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