Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturday I do boxing at the gym.

I can tell you since getting the I am not just a SENIOR, I’m a BOXER and I train like a beast T Shirt, I have had several ladies coming up to me, about training them.  Saturday, I had one lady, who knows someone with Parkinson’s disease, ask me how much I charged for training.  I told her free, and that I have 3 ladies I am working with at the moment.  

Then I had another lady take my phone number, as she wants to learn.

This morning I went into the gym, with my new T Shirt on, and there were a bunch of ladies sitting around a table.  One asked about boxing, and I asked her if she wanted to try it out, as I had my spare wraps, and gloves in the car.  She said ‘Yes’, so I went to the car and got them for her.

I helped her wrap, and then turned to the other ladies, and asked if they wanted to try, or watch.  None followed us, but I know they are interested.

I taught her 3 basic combinations, and took my time, as I am sure she is around 80.  She worked out for around 20 minutes, and thanked me.  She was hot, and I didn’t want her to overdo it.

Now I have to wait and see how many turn up, on Wednesday morning .  I believe I have taught 15 older ladies.  When I say older, they are slightly younger than me, (70), or older.  Basically I will help anyone, no matter what their age is.

If you want my truly amazing shirt, you can buy it on Amazon, and I am providing you the link below:

I will be writing a review once I have washed it a couple of times.

I’m not just a SENIOR I’m a BOXER and I train like a Beast.

Boxing, Zumba, Lifting, Circuit Training, Flipping Tires, and Dancing.


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