I’m not just a SENIOR I’m a BOXER and I train like a Beast.

This T-Shirt was especially made for me, but you can have one too.  It is the
Funny Old Senior Citizen Boxer Boxing Gift Novelty T-Shirt by Love Fighting Martial Arts T-Shirts.

I have been wearing it on, and off for 10 days, so it has been washed several times.  Mine is 100% cotton, but some of the other colors are cotton, and polyester.  It comes in a Women as well as a Men shirt, and both are available in black, navy, Royal blue, brown and heather.  There are plenty of sizes, so check out the chart on the site below.

I wear it with shorts, capris, and leggings.  Everyone notices it, and if it’s a day I am not boxing, make a remark about it.  Because of this shirt, I have had ladies ask me about boxing, and I have started giving them basic training.  I do this while at the gym, and it gives me pleasure to give back to the community.

Are you a senior into boxing, or do you know one?  This would be the perfect gift for them.

I did receive my T – Shirt for free, and have really given this product a good testing, before writing my review of it.
















  1. Just found your blog Susie and I love it! Really inspiring to seeing you train as hard as you do and I love your passion for boxing & kickboxing. I’ll be telling everyone at the gym about you!!

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