Once a year bloom.

Gardening in Florida isn’t easy, because the earth is sand. I use a lot of topsoil, and feed the plants often. All for a day like today. They bloomed.

Most likely they will droop by tomorrow, but then another plant will flower. Hopefully the rest will come out over the next couple of weeks.

I do miss my English garden, where I had crocus, daffodils, tulips, roses, pansies, and so many more.

However, I am happy to give up my garden, to live in the sunshine state.

What is gardening like where you live?



  1. I love gardening too! I have the plants that bloom in different seasons – my hydrangeas are starting to leaf and will bloom by mid to late summer. My daisies will bloom late summer/early fall with my mums. And we are past the frost season so I can plant my annuals. I love to see gardens in bloom! 🙂

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  2. We have trimmed back a few flowers and mostly have mini roses now. I recently planted a few marigolds around my vegetable garden to hopefully discourage pests. Maybe it will work. 🙂

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  3. Bloomin’ beautiful – I hope more flower soon! I had no idea really about the sand-yness of the ground there versus the English ground over here really. I’d still swap the flowers for Florida!! x

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