Zalik Wine Decanter Hand Blown Design – Superior Quality Crystal Hand Made large Wine Carafe Holds 1800 ML – Lead Free The Premium Gift For Wine Lovers

I totally fell in love with the design of the Zalik Hand Blown design Wine Decanter.  This carafe holds the equivalent of 2 bottles of wine.  It is suitable for white, or red wine.

Then I thought it would look amazing with colored sands, making a design in it.  What a pretty centerpiece that would be.  I can also see how lovely it would be as a vase, with beautiful flowers in it.  So many uses, even though it is designed for wine.

Then I went back to wine, which I do like to drink.  This is from the Amazon web page: ‘The specially designed wine carafe oxygenates the wine and lets it breathe so that it can release its beautiful aroma and unique flavor without the air restriction of your standard bottle.’

I am going to use it for my wine

, and most certainly use it when I have other wine drinkers here.  It is a quality crystal product, and has a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE, so I am thinking of girlfriends that would like this as a gift as well.

I did receive mine for free, and have written an honest review of this beautiful product.


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