Russia, Mexico, and Belgium are doing great in the World Cup.

We have watched at least part of every single game so far, and have to say that Mexico have stood out this time around.

Of course I am hoping, and praying for England to prove themselves tomorrow. We will be able to watch the first half, and part of the second half before heading to church. With added time it should finish within 5 minutes of the service starting. That will allow me to check the final score, before I switch my phone off.

How is your team doing?

Naughty day today.

My girlfriend and I went walking in the mall today, and then we had a B.O.G.O.F. at Culver’s.  I had never been there, so we decided to have a Concrete Mixer.  When it came out, and I tasted it, I told my girlfriend this will be my first, and last one.

We had the turtle one, and it was amazing.

Yesterday I worked out for three and a half hours, and burned almost 1,000 calories.  Well they went back on today.

However, we walked 2 and a half miles, and then this afternoon I lifted weights, and went on the rowing machine, with maximum resistance.  Tonight I will be dancing.

Once in a lifetime you have to do something naughty.

ThinIce Women’s Summer Short Sleeve Wrap V Neck A-Line Solid Party Midi Dress



I love new dresses, and showing them off, when I go dancing.  The ThinIce Women’s Summer Short Sleeve Wrap V New, A-Line Dress is my latest one.

This is a thinner dress than most of mine, and as the weather is in the 90’s, a perfect time to wear it.  The material is spandex and polyester.  I chose the Navy blue, and it also comes in black, wine red, and orange.  The sizes are from small to XX large.

This dress has the wrap top style, but is not a wrap around dress.  The skirt of it is an A-Line, and comes just above my knee.  It has a nice swirl when I am dancing.

It is easy to care for, as you can hand wash it, or put it on a gentle cycle.  I then put it on a coat hanger, and smoothed it with my hands.  You don’t have to iron it.

I found it to be really cool when dancing, and it felt as if I was wearing a slip/petticoat.  So if you are looking for a lightweight dress, this would be perfect for you.  Ideal for the summer months, and any occasions.


I did receive it for free, and have written this review after testing it thoroughly.



EthanHenry Womens No Show Socks, Non Slip Boat Flat Line athletic Cotton Casual socks

I wear socks every day, in my sneakers, as they are great when working out at the gym.  I can never have too many, and recently got the EthanHenry Womans No Show Socks.  

They come in either a pack of 3 or 8.  I have the 8, and the colors are white, black, beige, and gray.  The material is 70.5% Cotton, 25.7% Nylon, and 3.8% Spandex.  This gives them a really nice stretch to fit

sizes 6 – 10.

They feel very comfortable on, and having the silicone grips where the heels are, prevents them from coming down.  I have previous had socks that slide down into my sneakers.

My feet do not smell when wearing them, as they are ‘Cotton ANTI-ODOR socks factory with 3 years history. 1 Year quality guarantee’   They don’t pull on my feet, which could cramp my toes.  The quality is excellent, and I certainly give them a thumbs up.

I did receive these free of charge, and have worn several pairs of them, before writing my review.

Once a week we eat out, and can choose anything we want.

The only thing is, we do portion control.  Today we went to Bob Evans, as it’s been around 3 months since our last visit.

We buy 2 plates of food, and I give my husband some of mine, but we both bring a box home.

We ordered 2 over easy eggs, 3 sausage links, home fries with a cup of sausage gravy, and 2 homemade biscuits.  Then a bowl of sausage gravy, and 2 biscuits.

My husband had 2 sausages, and my cup of gravy with the bowl of gravy, and biscuits.  I ate the 2 eggs, 1 sausage, and the home fries.

In his box to bring home half of the biscuits and gravy.  In my box 2 homemade biscuits, and 2 sachets of honey.

He gets to eat the rest of his food tonight, and so do I.  I will probably have one biscuit with honey, and the other one for breakfast tomorrow.

That’s how he stays 170 lbs, and me 109 lbs.  By the way, I worked out for half an hour, did an hour of advanced Zumba, and then went on the treadmill with 5 lb. weights in each hand, while watching the FIFA World Cup Football.  Enjoyed the first 2 games, and watching the 3rd right now.


Saw a manatee at a local park.

I went to a small local park, that has lots of trees, so that I could walk in the shade.  The Florida temperature has been around 94 degrees, with a heat index of 105.

I walked down to the river, where you can tie up canoes, and saw a manatee in the water almost close enough to touch.

By the time I grabbed my phone from my fanny pack, and went to camera it had gone under, but you can make out the shape of it.

Manatees can stay under water for a long time, so unfortunately I didn’t see it come up again.

I am so lucky to see these gentle giants at our local parks, and along the river walk.

Unfortunately the photos don’t really show it, because they are from a phone, and it had submerged.  I was really hoping I could share great pics with you all.  Therefore I added a publicdomainimage from Pixabay.



FIFA World Cup fits in perfectly with my schedule.

I thought as England are playing today, I had better wish them well.  I have no idea what the score will be, and even if they will win.  After Germany yesterday, being beaten by Mexico, and Brazil only drawing, it is a tournament of surprises.

In an hour’s time I will be routing for them, and praying that they beat Tunisia, but it’s how both teams play on the day.

Today we watched the Sweden and South Korea game at home.  Then to the gym where I watched part of the Belgium and Panama game on my smartphone while lifting weights.  Then on the treadmill.  Came home at halftime, and watched the second half eating lunch.

My working out doesn’t take second place to the FIFI World Cup, but enhances the pleasure.


I could go to a Royal function in the ZJCT Womens V Neck High Low Dress Sleeveless Cocktail Party Dress

I really think that I could be the Belle of the Ball in the ZJCT Women’s High Low Cocktail Dress.  It is beautiful, well designed, and fits me to perfection.

The material is 65% Rayon, 30% nylon, and 10% spandex.  It is a slightly thicker dress than several I have, and that is a good thing, because it evokes quality.

The V neck is very flattering, and shows off the top of my boobs.  Not too much, but just enough to give a glimpse.  It is sleeveless, and has a tight fitting bodice.  It then flows from the waist down.  The dress has a zipper under the arm, which allows you to get in, and out of it without help.

The front is around the knee, on me just slightly below it, at the front.  Then at the back it goes low, and really shows off my



legs.  It’s like having a picture frame around them.

The dress comes in off white, burgundy, and black.  The sizes are from small to X Large.

My dress was folded, when delivered, and had some tiny creases in it.  I used my handheld garment steamer, and removed them in minutes.

The washing instructions are on the coolest, delicate cycle, and hang to dry.  It can be ironed if necessary, but I have my own little hand tool, which is so much easier.

I received my posh dress for free, and can’t wait for that special occasion, to wear it.  Although it can be worn for dating, cocktails, etc.


100% fit now.

Finally after two and a half weeks, my congestion is gone.  I started feeling better on Friday, and yesterday did the Zumba Gold class.

Today we watched the Costa Rica game, where Serbia beat them 1 – 0, and then I did the advanced Zumba.  This is a full 60 minutes of constant movement.  I felt great after.

We are now home watching the Germany – Mexico game, and Mexico are leading 1 – 0 and it’s the 66th minute.  I know Mexico are good, but really thought that Germany would win by a couple of goals.  Who knows what will happen in the next 20+ minutes of play.

The minute it finishes I will be back to the gym, for boxing.  I really haven’t been fast, and furious in 2 and a half weeks, and can’t wait to get that the feeling of doing my best.

Pick up a pizza for my husband, as it’s Father’s day, and then back home for the Brazil and Switzerland game.

Watching good quality football, and working out at the gym, are 2 of my 3 favorite things to do.  What a great day.

Bluetooth Body Fat Scale,VICOODA Bathroom Scale with IOS and Android App Smart Wireless Digital Scale for Body Weight, Body Fat, Body Water, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, BMI, BMR and Visceral Fat.

I have had my bathroom weighing scales for around 8 years now, and they are still working fine, but I couldn’t link my numbers to the phone for a record of them.

The VICOODIA Bluetooth Body Fat Scale has all the extras I was looking for.  

I read the Instruction Manual first, which comes in several languages.  I then put the batteries, that come with the smart scales, into the back of the product.  I placed it on the flat surface of my bathroom floor.

I then got my android phone, and you can do it with OIS phones too, and went to the ‘Play Store’.  I downloaded the iWellness 3.0. app, and then paired it to my phone.  It took a couple of minutes.

When I opened the app, it gave me prompts to add my information, and my target weight.  I then got on the weighing scales with bare feet.  The scales showed ___ 3 times, and then I clicked Yes on my phone, and all the information went into my smartphone.

I have taken a photo from my husband’s phone, so you can see the layout on mine.  The next day, just stand on the scales, and the lines will come up again, and press yes, and you have the details.  You can then go back, and check your progress.

One thing I have to tell you is that these will be my scales.  In the Safety Precautions it states:  Not recommended for any person using a pacemaker or other internal device.  My husband has a pacemaker/defibrillator, so will keep the other scales for him.

I love the thin, white, elegant scales, with silver rounded lines on it.  This makes a nice change from my black ones.

I have tested it for several days now, and am extremely pleased with it’s performance, and the accuracy of them.  The weight is identical with both sets of scales.

I did receive mine for free, and feel that I can give an honest review, after testing them.