CJHFAMILY Knife Sharpener for Straight Knives 3 Stage Diamond Coated Sharpening Wheel System, Cut-Resistant.

I was happy to receive the CJHFAMILY Knife Sharpener with a cut-resistant glove included.

I already have both items, but my girlfriend doesn’t have either.  This knife sharpener is slightly smaller than mine, but at a considerably cheaper price.

However, I have to say that the quality is good.  I took out some knives that I hadn’t used recently, and sharpened them.  For safety reasons you can put the glove on the hand, you are holding it with, but that really isn’t necessary.

The blades come up really well, and it is ‘designed to last a lifetime’.  Therefore you really can’t not buy it for the low price of just $10.99.  That is almost a third of the price of my other one.

Also being small is takes up less room, than many of the other brands.

The hand fits the grips perfectly.  I like the metal stand, and also the nonslip underneath to it.  Being black, and metal makes it look an elegant product..

I did receive mine at a discount, but feel that it is certainly worth the Amazon price.




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