Had to miss my boxing training today.

It almost broke my heart, but just over a week ago, my husband lost his voice, and had a sore throat.  Mine started 2 days after.  Since then I had the sore throat, coughing that is still continuing, and severe congestion.

I missed 2 Zumba classes, my own boxing sessions, but did stretching every day.  Yesterday I was really hoping that I would be up to my weekly session with my trainer, but had to cancel, giving 24 hours notice.

Even though I still am having coughing fits, I did the basic Zumba class today, with 4,000 steps, instead of my usual 6,000.  I was like a tortoise, instead of the crazy woman that is normally in my shoes.

At 2.30 my face saddened at the thought that I wasn’t ducking, weaving, and trying to punch my trainer.  Yes, I managed it once.

Anyone want my germs.? A week is long enough, and I can’t wait to give them away.



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