Starbucks need to do more training for new stores.

Today was a nightmare for me at a new location for Starbucks.  My girlfriend and I have 30 minutes to place our order, and drink it, while having a chat.

I order the same item most Friday mornings, a tall brewed decaf with caramel syrup.  My girlfriend has a tall iced coffee with caramel.  She had no problems with her order.  It came up immediately.

After standing for several minutes, I was asked if I was waiting for something.  I told them the details of my drink.  It hadn’t even been started. Usually before midday decaf is brewed, but not in this store.  So I waited several minutes for a pour over to be made.

I added a tiny amount of half and half, and it looked like white water.  I tasted it, and wondered where the coffee was.  I took it back, and another member of the staff showed the person how to make it.  Again a long wait, and by the time I sat down, we barely had ten minutes to chat, and I didn’t enjoy my drink.


After we sold our restaurant, I was a member of staff at a new Dunkin’ Donuts.  We were taken to another location, and worked with them, so that on our opening day, we were totally up to par.  Perhaps this should be something that Starbucks need to do.

I know everyone has to learn, but not on regulars, that know how to order, and don’t get the service they deserve.  Okay, my rant is over now.

There were 2 other people in the store, and when we left no one in the drive through.


  1. Had my morning coffee at starbucks and mine’s ok. But I’ve noticed that too. Stores will only want to employ people ‘with previous experience’. But if all stores do that, where will people start getting experience?

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  2. I know what you mean. It is irritating but having been there you know the amount of time good training takes. People make fun of Starbucks’ employees, but I know for a fact it takes tons of training to become an employee there and memorize all the little ins and outs of each thing. Another example is Chilis restaurants. I know what training goes into working there and if people have never been behind the scenes to pass the tests some of these franchises require, they have no idea. Glad you were aware and were patient. It’s like anything else, they have to have been in their shoes.

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  3. Sure. We owned a 90 seater restaurant, and had 13 employees as well as my husband and myself. Then I did all the training for Dunkin before we were allowed in the new restaurant.


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