A few more products that came in the mail.

I really believe I am so lucky to receive items in the mail.  These three were in the past week.  The 90 Veggie Organic Ashwagandha Capsules – Premium Ashwagandha with 1950 MG and Black Pepper for Maximum Absorption, Physician’s Choicewas the first one.  It is a anti-anxiety, relieve stress, elevates mood, adrenal support, and immune support  product.

I have read lots of the reviews on this product, and it seems to work for many.  As it is early days for me.  I will either update, or write a review at a later date.


The second one was a cute gift for my husband, and with it being Father’s day next week, you can get him one especially with Amazon Prime.  it is a Fathers Day Tools Keychain, by Sano Naturals.  It comes in a really elegant black gift box.

The metal is strong, shiny, and it looks amazing.  My husband loves the tiny tools, and immediately it went into his pocket.  He has been showing it to all the guys.  I know that this will be a winner with the guys in your life.


The other item is Apple Cider Vinegar Pills With Turmeric – Vegan 1500 mg with Ginger and Black Pepper Extract from Lynx Essentials.  This one I won’t be trying until my body gets used to the Ashwagandha.  I always leave a month in between trying any new supplements. 

Taken from the website, this is the reason I plan on trying it: ‘Our apple cider vinegar serves as your NATURAL home supplement to help reduce bad cholesterol, it consumes less calories and slows the rate of blood sugar level increase after a meal.’

With an excellent diet, and working out every day, my total, and bad cholesterol are slightly high.  My doctor isn’t at all worried, as my good cholesterol is phenomenal, and my ratio is great.

Again I will let you know about this product, once I have taken it long enough to see if it helps.





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