Back to doing what I so enjoy – Boxing

I have been sick the past couple of weeks, and couldn’t wait to get back to working out.  Whether it’s been allergies, or a cold, it has really affected my breathing, so strenuous exercise was out of the question.

I have been to the gym each day, in the air conditioning, stretching, limited circuit training, lifting, and managed a few minutes on the standing boxing bag.

So today was the first time I went into the sweat room, and did a much shorter, easier boxing routine.  It makes me feel so much better.  I cannot stress how great one feels during, and after boxing.

Happiness is what you make it, and working out is part of my life.  Is there anything you can’t live without?  Would love to hear what yours is.


  1. This may sound so simple and fake but is true and hope you believe it. I cannot leave without God in my heart daily, without Jesus this evil world it too much pain and at times when I am not as close to Him as usual, He IS and I always rebound from my apathy and thank Him, Icecream after HIM, LOL

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