FIFA World Cup. Watching my 7th game on day 3.

I watched the opening game on Thursday, then two games at home yesterday, and one at the gym.  Russia had an impressive game.  Egypt played as well as Uruguay, and possibly should have won the game.  Morocco and Iran was a little boring for me.

Then what a great match, Portugal – Spain.  I can’t stand how Ronaldo falls to the ground, even when there is no contact, but have to say what a great player he is.  I wanted to see how he would fair against Costa, and I believe both played as well as each other.  A draw was the correct result.

The 6 a.m. game today, Florida time, was one I wanted to see and France were lucky to beat Australia.  We are Arsenal fans, and as Giroud played many years for them, I kind of wanted France to win.

I watched the first half of Argentina – Iceland, and then went into my Zumba class.  It was 1 – 1 then, and Iceland were playing a blinder.  After each dance I had to check my phone to see the score.  I was blown away that a tiny team of working men, yes they all have jobs, played so well, and it ended up with the draw.

Now it is Peru – Denmark, and it is the 36th minute.  I thought Denmark would be ahead, with Erikson who plays for Spurs, and Schmichel in goal.  Peru are a strong team, and I can’t honestly predict who will win.

Peru have just missed a penalty.  It flew into the sky.  Wow.

What are your thoughts so far on the most popular sport in the world.



  1. I am very pleased with my team (France) thus far. I am also delighted with Uruguay. I’m disappointed that Messi missed the penalty, but I had Iceland down to draw them 1-1. Everyone has been underestimating the underdogs and I am glad to see them proving everyone wrong.

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  2. I agree that there are no clear favorites at the moment. All I can continue to do is support my teams & wish them well. 😁

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