Once a week we eat out, and can choose anything we want.

The only thing is, we do portion control.  Today we went to Bob Evans, as it’s been around 3 months since our last visit.

We buy 2 plates of food, and I give my husband some of mine, but we both bring a box home.

We ordered 2 over easy eggs, 3 sausage links, home fries with a cup of sausage gravy, and 2 homemade biscuits.  Then a bowl of sausage gravy, and 2 biscuits.

My husband had 2 sausages, and my cup of gravy with the bowl of gravy, and biscuits.  I ate the 2 eggs, 1 sausage, and the home fries.

In his box to bring home half of the biscuits and gravy.  In my box 2 homemade biscuits, and 2 sachets of honey.

He gets to eat the rest of his food tonight, and so do I.  I will probably have one biscuit with honey, and the other one for breakfast tomorrow.

That’s how he stays 170 lbs, and me 109 lbs.  By the way, I worked out for half an hour, did an hour of advanced Zumba, and then went on the treadmill with 5 lb. weights in each hand, while watching the FIFA World Cup Football.  Enjoyed the first 2 games, and watching the 3rd right now.



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