Saw a manatee at a local park.

I went to a small local park, that has lots of trees, so that I could walk in the shade.  The Florida temperature has been around 94 degrees, with a heat index of 105.

I walked down to the river, where you can tie up canoes, and saw a manatee in the water almost close enough to touch.

By the time I grabbed my phone from my fanny pack, and went to camera it had gone under, but you can make out the shape of it.

Manatees can stay under water for a long time, so unfortunately I didn’t see it come up again.

I am so lucky to see these gentle giants at our local parks, and along the river walk.

Unfortunately the photos don’t really show it, because they are from a phone, and it had submerged.  I was really hoping I could share great pics with you all.  Therefore I added a publicdomainimage from Pixabay.



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