EthanHenry Womens No Show Socks, Non Slip Boat Flat Line athletic Cotton Casual socks

I wear socks every day, in my sneakers, as they are great when working out at the gym.  I can never have too many, and recently got the EthanHenry Womans No Show Socks.  

They come in either a pack of 3 or 8.  I have the 8, and the colors are white, black, beige, and gray.  The material is 70.5% Cotton, 25.7% Nylon, and 3.8% Spandex.  This gives them a really nice stretch to fit

sizes 6 – 10.

They feel very comfortable on, and having the silicone grips where the heels are, prevents them from coming down.  I have previous had socks that slide down into my sneakers.

My feet do not smell when wearing them, as they are ‘Cotton ANTI-ODOR socks factory with 3 years history. 1 Year quality guarantee’   They don’t pull on my feet, which could cramp my toes.  The quality is excellent, and I certainly give them a thumbs up.

I did receive these free of charge, and have worn several pairs of them, before writing my review.



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