Short time at the beach.

I am making the most of my short time at the beach.

We had a meeting this morning, and as soon as I got back to our apartment, I walked to John’s Pass.

Here you could feel the strong breeze, which is perfect on a sunny day. Thunderstorms are forecast for later, so wanted to make the most of it.

I even missed the first half of the World Cup games to enjoy it.

How is your day going?


  1. Looks and sounds nice! Here in Arizona, we haven’t seen a thunderstorm of any kind for 10 months, maybe more. But, unless it has changed we buy more boats than any state in the union and have more speedboat manufacturers too. People in Phoenix go up into the mountain lakes on weekends or the one that we have just north of town.

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  2. My day is ending, I enjoy each one. I can’t wait til I get out on the water, but all that has to wait til after the house is built. Seems like forever, but this pic is perfect for me to say Ahhhh…..

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  3. Here in Missouri we are under severe heat warnings…quick dips in the pool or lake and then back inside.

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  4. Ah, the sea! It is always home no matter where I am or which ocean. These days you can find me on the Med. I live about 15 minutes from the beach. Any closer and I would get nothing else done. Walks along the surf and then diving in and swimming until I can swim no more…

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