Eyeshadow, Makeup Palette, Glitter, Matte Eyeshadows, 35 Colors Highly Pigmented by ETEREAUTY

When it comes to eye-shadow colors, I tend to go for nude, beige/brown, and similar colors.  I blend them in together so that they look subtle.

That is why I bought the Etereauty Eyeshadow Palette.  You can see the colors in my photos, and they come in

matte, and shimmer colors.

I start off putting the lightest color over my eyelid, and then adding darker colors, blending them in.  This creates a flattering look, that doesn’t make me feel like a ‘painted doll’, if you get my drift.

This palette of 35 colors, are a good size, and certainly worth the $7.89 price.  I did get mine for a couple of dollars cheaper, on a group site.  We are not asked for a review, and none is expected.  However, I thought these to be good quality, and excellent value, so personally wanted to share this product with you.



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