Germany are out of the FIFA World Cup.

This morning I was at the gym.  My husband was in the social room watching the Germany – South Korea game.

After teaching 2 ladies basic boxing, I then came out into the main room, as the second half was about to begin.

Fox are showing all the games, I was able to have the Mexico – Sweden match on one television, and the Germany game on the next one over.  First off I was doing the rowing machine, and when my shoulders started to ache, I went onto a treadmill.

I was so excited that Sweden were winning, and amazed that Germany were only drawing.  3 great goals for Sweden put them into the next round, if Germany didn’t win.  South Korea played the game of their life defending their goal.

Then total shock when South Korea scored 2 goals.  Everyone in the gym heard me shouting out.  Kudos to them, and Goodbye to Germany.  They ended up at the bottom of Group F.

I still can’t believe what I saw, and will be talking about it for years to come.

Photo courtesy of CC0 Creative Commons .



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