Argentina out of the World Cup

We are at the gym 6 mornings a week, and I do the afternoon on the morning I can’t make it.  Today I did my hour Zumba class, and then wanted to do boxing.

I didn’t go into the hot boxing room, but pulled the standing bag out of it’s area, and positioned it so that I could watch the FIFA World Cup game.  It was France – Argentina.  With 7 goals, a very exciting game, and almost a punch up too.

France won 4 – 3 and go into the quarter finals.  If they carry on this way, they are going to be a huge threat to the other teams.  Extremely well done France.


  1. Being argentine… this game was certainly a tough one to watch… I agree with you: France is an excellent team… I am quite sure they’ll make it through the finals. France and Brazil are the best teams right now. Also: Uruguay did a great job today.
    Sending love 💕

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  2. I think that when a team has a star like Rinaldo the defenders just don’t let him get a look in. I think Uruguay had a couple of good defenders on him and then if he can’t do much that’s the end of it. I didn’t see any matches today as we have a holiday up here for Canada day and we were at a party.

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