Aimeno Personal Wand Massager – Cordless Electric Massager for Body – Powerful Therapeutic Wand Massager – Rechargeable Waterproof Mini Stress Relief Silicone – Foot Back Neck

Being a gym rat, I have aches and pains in my left shoulder, right knee, and my left hip.  I do use rubs on them, but prefer a massager.  The Aimeno Personal Cordless electric Wand Massager is a product that works for me.

It is 100% Silicon, and 100% Water Resistant .   The color is purple, and it has a gold colored handle.  The on/off switch is just above this, and also the mode button for the 12 different modes.

To turn the product on/off, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.  Then you can press the mode switch to change speed patterns.

In the box are:

1 x AIMASON Massager
1 x USB Charger (Wall Charger is not supplied)
1 x Storage Bag
1 x User Manual

Charge it up before using.  I did mine overnight to make sure.  As you can see in my video, and photos, the red light stays on when in use.  I find the areas that ache/have pain, and position the massager there.  It really does work for me, and right now I have no pain whatsoever.

Just press the on/off switch, and hold so that the massager turns off.  I do pay for massages once a month, but this certainly helps me, in between them.

I did receive this item for free, and can honestly say that it does what is expected of it, and more.




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