If Amazon wipe your account it’s not a bad thing.

Amazon wiped my Profile 2 years ago, however I had the insight to start a WordPress blog, a few months prior to this.

Every one of my reviews dating back to 2,005 were gone.  I was not in despair as I have been freelance writing for 27 years, and all of the websites I was on, closed.  It gave me the incentive to continue writing.

I now have 1,089 followers on WordPress, and around 9,500 followers collectively on social media.  Yesterday 5 items came from Amazon, so you see, don’t be sad if this happens to you.  You can still get items from groups that only need a social review, and if you have made connections with sellers, they will contact you, and ask for blog reviews.

I prefer this to writing on Amazon as I have so much freedom to do my own thing.  Just remember to either leave a disclaimer, or hashtags such as #sponsored, or #Ad. as this is required by law.

Need any help in getting started reviewing products, or any questions?   Leave a comment for me, or you can email me.  Details in my contact information.

Just a handful of products that I have already reviewed.


  1. I must have missed this the first time around. I had a similar situation and lost all my reviews, but even worse, all of my book reviews. Have you since found that your ability to review eventually returns where it was removed? It did for me. I still have sellers reaching out to me, but I don’t have any account with a lot of followers other than my Goodreads, and that doesn’t help with anything but books. Not sure why I’m thinking about it, as I’m losing my vision and won’t be able to continue being on for too long. Wishful thinking perhaps. I caught part of your posts about your hubby having problems again, I hope he improves and feels better soon

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  2. No, I was, I quote ‘Professional reviewer’. It was at the time when everyone writing a thorough review had this happen to them. Some opened new accounts, and got them closed again.


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