If Amazon wipe your account it’s not a bad thing.

Amazon wiped my Profile 2 years ago, however I had the insight to start a WordPress blog, a few months prior to this.

Every one of my reviews dating back to 2,005 were gone.  I was not in despair as I have been freelance writing for 27 years, and all of the websites I was on, closed.  It gave me the incentive to continue writing.

I now have 1,089 followers on WordPress, and around 9,500 followers collectively on social media.  Yesterday 5 items came from Amazon, so you see, don’t be sad if this happens to you.  You can still get items from groups that only need a social review, and if you have made connections with sellers, they will contact you, and ask for blog reviews.

I prefer this to writing on Amazon as I have so much freedom to do my own thing.  Just remember to either leave a disclaimer, or hashtags such as #sponsored, or #Ad. as this is required by law.

Need any help in getting started reviewing products, or any questions?   Leave a comment for me, or you can email me.  Details in my contact information.

Just a handful of products that I have already reviewed.


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