Boxing has to be the best workout around.

I have been boxing for around 3 years now, and it is my favorite workout.  Being in a room with no air conditioning in Florida, during the month of July, you can imagine what a workout it is.

I remember last summer being damp after boxing, but I really must have come on a lot, because the sweat was pouring off of me.

Yes, I do push myself, as well as my trainer Ryan, who gives me more to do each week.

A cute thing to tell you.  We bought a new car a couple of weeks ago, and my trainer was walking back from the parking lot.  He said I love the name of your car, so appropriate.  I thought for a minute, and it’s the FIT, from Honda.

This fit 70 year old babe, matches up to the car.


  1. Fit indeed! I am familiar with the sweating we have had very hot and humid weather her and riding a hot horse ( 1200 pounds of sweating hot horse underneath me!) is good sweat workout. But I don’t mind it. Good for you getting the appropriate car!!

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  2. the odd thing is that when I’m riding a training ride I am focused on what we are doing and don’t really notice the sweating. I always have a cotton handkerchief in my pocket to wipe off my face and eyes. Biasini gets a cool bath when we are finished.

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  3. I bet it does. Not really an option for me in the barn however. Also Biasini can’t shower himself and the horse always comes first.But If I get some water splashed on me while showering him I don’t complain!!

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