France 1 Croatia 0. Change that to 1 -1

I went to my Zumba class from 10 to 11 a.m., and was back home within 8 minutes.  I couldn’t miss Zumba two days in a row, but yesterday I went to the gym in the afternoon for boxing, and lifting weights.

So now I am here and the score at 20 minutes is 1 – 0 to France.

Personally I want France to win the FIFA World Cup as England, and Belguim couldn’t do it.  The reason being that Giroud played for our team, Arsenal, for years.  Also Croatia have been a dirty team throughout the tournament.

Just before posting this Croatia have just scored so drawing right now.  This will make for a very exciting game.



  1. What a great game! And France did win 🙂 I was cheering for France too. It was such a pleasure to watch some fabulous soccer skill, shots and play-making. Exciting goals too. The best team won in my opinion.

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  2. didn’t see the game as we were busy with gardening. Our daughter is getting married, at our house, on August 18 and today we werer putting some geraniums into post to have them around the place for some color. It has beenso hot and so dry that the garden is suffering so we may need a bit of extra color.

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