MAUI RINGS ELEGANT Silicone Engagement Rings for Women Stackable Rings Silicone Wedding Ring for Women Silicone Bands Silicone Ring Wedding Band Womens Rings

I have bent my wedding, engagement, and eternity rings out of shape at the gym.  Stupid me lifted weights while wearing them.  I didn’t realize how soft gold is.

I have lost a couple of my silicone rings, so ordered the MAUi Engagement Rings, and Wedding Rings.  They arrived within a day of each other, and both are identical, even though I ordered them on different Amazon links.

Mine are 4 to each set, and the colors are black, blue, green, and purple.  There are other sets with different colors.  The sizes 4 through 9.  I have thin fingers so a 4 fits my wedding finger perfectly.

As I go to the gym every day, do boxing, lifting, flipping tires, as well as other forms of working out, I wear a silicone ring all the time.  I only put my gold rings on when going dancing, or somewhere special.

I find these are great, and don’t have to ward off any gentlemen, that might have thought I was single.

I did receive these 2 sets of rings at a discounted price, and can’t express how happy I am with them.

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