Thursdays are my killer workout days.


This morning I was at the first gym, and worked out on 2 medicine balls, and then on 2 Bosu balls, one on top of another.  No, I never do the ordinary kinds of workout.  Then I went into my Zumba class.

At 2.30 I will be with my boxing trainer, doing 200 jab, jab, punch squat to begin, then several rounds, and if time allows another 200 to finish up.

This evening it is dancing, at our Fraternal Order of Eagles.  We have a live band, and tonight it is ‘Big Foot Band’.

When I get home, it is time to put my feet up, and watch a little television.

What do you do on a Thursday?

I apologize for my sideways on photos, as I usually have to take them myself.  Must get some more photos of me boxing.


  1. Thursdays I go to the gym but not a workout quite like yours! Then I have lunch at home and then I ride. Today’s ride was casual and we just went for a walk in the forest. We have worked hard all week and will be working again tomorrow so it is nice to give Biasini a break from work in the ring. And…I love the forest walks. I hope you enjoyed your dancing.

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