Just had an Instant Pot delivered.

My girlfriend loves her Instant Pot, and keeps telling me how quickly food is cooked, it tastes great, and that I need one.  Also that I won’t be using my oven that often, here in Florida.

So on Tuesday I bought a 6 quart size Instant Pot.  The price had been reduced down from $79.95 to $49.  Over 3,200 of them have been sold on Amazon.

I will be reading up on it today, and as I already have a rotisserie chicken, I will probably try it out, tomorrow, or the weekend.  I am amazed that it cooks soup/broth, meat/stew, cake, egg, saute, rice, multigrain, porridge, steams, and slow cook.

I will write a review in the next week, or 2, and let you know how I get on with it.  So excited.


  1. I was thinking of getting a wok, an electric one for the same purpose. That way I could put it on a low stool and it would be easier than trying to cook while sitting in the wc.

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  2. I used it last night for curry, and having cooked for the family in England, and owning a restaurant, I don’t measure. The curry was a little undercooked, and watery, but I put it back on for another 5 minutes it was great. So quick, and no lose of flavor.

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  3. It took my daughter a couple tries before she got it right. It cooks so fast and the flavor stays. Happy you like it!

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