Doctor’s offices, and Pharmacies love to give you the run around.

Following up on my article Panic attacks and anxiety can happen anytime in a person’s life.

The P.A. had told us that it might take a day or two for my husband’s medication to go through his insurance.  As I take the same pill just at night, I said to the P.A. that I am not saying this, but what strength, and how often will he need the pills.  He gave me the answer, knowing that my husband needed it immediately.

Wednesday was the appointment, by Friday morning, we still hadn’t got his prescription so I phone the pharmacy.  They told me the directions weren’t written up properly so were waiting on the doctor’s office.  I phoned them immediately, and they said that it would be taken care of.  Mid afternoon, I checked with the pharmacy, no, they were still waiting.  I called the doctor again, and so did the pharmacy.  At 4.45 and my doctor’s office closes at 5, and still nothing.  Again I phoned the doctor, and so did the pharmacy.  At 5.05 p.m. the doctor’s office phoned to say it had been sent through 3 times throughout the day.

At 6.30 I checked my emails, and there were 3 from Walgreens, saying 2 of Len’s meds were denied, and 1 accepted.  Yes, they had received all 3.  I had been stressed out all day because of stupidity.

The good thing is that they are working for him.  I am 4 short on mine now, but that’s another story.  I can’t take them back from his, as he will be short.



  1. Medical insurance seems to be a big hassle. I have seen discussions like this at pharmacies in Florida. It is awful really. One woman was in tears as she could not get approval for a prescription from the insurance company and the pharmacist was trying to help her by trying other avenues. We do not have a perfect health system here in Canada but I have not found this kind of problem.

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  2. I’m sorry you’ve both had such hassles. I was having problems with my prescription last week, with constant calls to the receptionist at the doctor’s office and finding nobody had done the prescription, then nobody calls me back when they say they will… Gets to 3pm on Friday and you know the time is ticking down and in 2 hours it’ll be too late to get your meds.. Frustrating as hell, and that’s with the NHS. I hope you can get yours sorted this week, you don’t want to be short on your own meds either.x

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  3. I had to call my insurance program because I was overcharged on one of my scripts. They called the pharmacy and straightened it all out for me.

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