Another long day while my husband has skin cancer surgery.

This is the second of 2 surgeries for my husband.  This cancer is on the ear, and the waiting room is full.

The people go in every 15 minutes to have the area scraped. They then wait an hour and a half to see if the surgeon got it all.  Those can be finished up and leave.  If not you go through this as many times at needed.

I had this done a year ago on my forehead, and it’s a very long day.

Thank goodness for my phone, WordPress, and other social media sites.





  1. I had MOHs about 12 years ago for a BCC on my upper chest. I always said that young people need to go in on MOHS surgery day and see what happens and they’d think twice about using tanning beds. I have to be careful here in Colorado due to high elevation. I had one on arm the other yearbut didn’t need to do MOHS – just scraped and some freezing around edge.. I feel sorry for people who have it on nose. Sometimes they have to go through reconstruction.

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  2. We are home took 4 and a half hours with only one scrape, but they had patients 5 minutes apart, which was ridicules, Glad it is over with now. Thanks for your well wishes, and your experience, Peggy.


  3. I’ve had a couple of melanomas cut out of my lower leg. Not pleasant but successfull. And I’ve had lots of bits burned off my ears, and my face. I wish Len all the best and he is lucky to have you to take care of his ear afterwards.

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