AmoLaife Women’s Crossback Sports Bra with Sport Headband and Wrist Straps Set

I can never have enough Sports Bras, as I workout every single day.  That is why I was happy to receive the AmoLaife Women’s Crossback Sports Bra with Sports Headband and Wrist Straps.

You can pay the $13.99 or more for just the bra, in most cases.  The bra comes in Navy blue, or gray. and is available from small to X large.  The material is 88% Nylon,12% Spandex, which give you a nice stretch.  It has removable pads too.  I take them out when I wash, and hang dry the bra.  This makes for a quicker wash/dry.  Sometimes I hand wash, and over times in a cold, gently cycle.  I never put them in the dryer. 

The bra is tight, which you want in a sports bra, and goes over the head.  The first time I struggled to get it over my head, and over my boobs, but the fit is perfect.  You need that in a bra, so that they can’t move about when boxing, lifting, or whatever you do at the gym.

It is really well made, and has a mesh lining, which makes it comfortable.  You can see the crossover back in my photos, wearing it.  It doesn’t show in the majority of sports tops, and if it does slightly that is fine with me.

I have worn it while boxing, lifting weights, on the floor doing an ab workout, and Zumba class.

The headband will come in useful for boxing, as my hair is always in my eyes, and the wrist bands will help to support my weaker right wrist, due to surgery.

I did receive this set for free, and am very happy indeed with it.  Certainly a great product.




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