Inexpensive beauty products for the skin, that feel amazing, from YouTurn.



I have been using both the Face Wash & Facial Cleanser For Women & Men – Exfoliating Face Wash Helps With Blemishes & Blackheads – Natural Face Wash with Jojoba Beads – Gentle For Sensitive Skin – Acne Face Wash for Women & Men and Anti Aging Face Cream & Wrinkle Cream – Perfect Facial Moisturizer For Day & Night Cream – Proprietary Formula with Hyaluronic Acid & Tri-Peptides To Support Skin Tightening, Brightening, Anti Wrinkle.

I use the Face Wash first, which is really gentle, and is a scrub as well.  It has Jojoba beads, which are natural, and help to promote healthy, clean, skin.  It is a thick liquid, and has a light, pleasant smell.  It should be used twice a day for maximum benefit.

The Anti Aging Cream comes after I have used a toner on my face.  It has the clear plastic pull off top, and then you make a hole in the middle of the white plastic, and push it down, for the cream to come through the hole.

What I love about this one is that once it doesn’t work with this method, you can unscrew that top, and get the remainder of the cream to use.  I had a similar product, and once the cream didn’t come up, I couldn’t get the rest out.  I ended up cutting the top off, only to find one third of the cream, that would have been thrown away.

This cream is thick, off white, and has a light floral fragrance.  It goes into the skin almost immediate, with no greasy feeling.

A little from the Amazon webpage:

‘Can It Be True???
Finally, a cream that will get your friends talking about you and how young your skin is looking. A cream that will get you the double looks you used to get when you were younger. A cream that will bring out that amazing smile you have. A cream that doesn’t have to be greasy to hydrate and moisturize. A cream that is mild enough to not cause breakouts but strong enough to penetrate deep wrinkles of desired outcomes. These are the things we wanted to target when formulating a face lotion and making a wrinkle cream that really works.
High Quality Ingredients
Our proprietary formulation has been made for people like you and us! We all want to see results from using a cream that is long lasting without side effects like other products. This is why we only use ingredients of the highest quality that have shown in cases of protecting and repairing skin while decreasing wrinkles caused by aging and sun damage. That’s why we included ingredients like Plant Stem Cells, Tri-Peptides, and hyaluronic acid; they’re what sets us apart from everyone else. We of course use ingredients to add smoothness like shea butter, sunflower oil, vitamin E, and aloe vera.’

I am loving both products, and they really work well together.  The prices are very reasonable, although I was lucky enough to receive mine for free.


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