Strength training, Zumba, boxing, and table tennis today.

Today I did a variety of working out.  First off, I went to the gym with my husband. I went to my Zumba class, while he had coffee in the social area.  He still can’t get on the machines, after having the ear surgery.

This afternoon I went on my own, and did some boxing, and then continued with some strength training of my shoulders, on a machine.

Then a few minutes ago my husband and I decided to play a little table tennis.  At almost 85, it is something that both he, and I can do together.  I am 70.  It’s so much fun, as the ball often doesn’t do what it is told to.

Boxing has to be the best workout around.

Back to doing what I so enjoy – Boxing

Zumba, flipping tires, and boxing today.



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