TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt – Premium Stomach Fat Burner Wrap Waist Trainer

The TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer Ab Belt is a perfect product for boxing, lifting weights, flipping tires, etc.

It is extra wide, and wraps around you.  There is Velcro on the belt, and it will close where ever you need it on the belt.  The inside of the belt is a ‘ non-slip interior grid to prevent slipping, bunching, or moving of any kind. Now you can feel rest assured that your belt will remain in place.’

It also states on the website that ‘MORE SWEAT, LESS STINK: We designed the interior to repel sweat and moisture to prevent sweat and bacteria build up. ‘

It comes in sizes from extra small to extra large, so there is a belt for everyone.

It is nicely made, and does stay in place, when boxing.  My clothes are soaked after a workout, and have to be washed, but the belt can just dry out.

I was lucky enough to get mine at a discounted price, and can never have too many.  I use one, and then let is air dry in the garage, allowing me to use another one when needed.





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