Training a leftie and a right handed lady at boxing today.

I have had the honor to teach basic boxing to around 18 ladies over the past year or so.  This is the first time I have had someone left handed.

I wrapped her hands and wrists with my spare wraps, and had an extra pair of gloves for her.  We went into the boxing room first, and I was able to get her warmed up, and then start to show her the stance, and the basic jab, jab, punch.  I am glad that I did before the next lady arrived.  I am 70, and she is older than me, and found it difficult to follow instructions.  I have the most patience I know, and had to spend a long time with her.

My lady from my last class remembered well, and between showing the new lady, I was able to teach her 2 more moves.  She really impresses me, and is very determined.  My lady I have been working with for 4 months didn’t manage to come.

The gym I go to would pay me if I worked with 5 at a time, but there is no way that seniors can do this in a group setting.  They need individual attention, and that is why I volunteer my time.  I love that I can give back to the community.

We took selfie photos, but unfortunately I can’t compress them, to allow me to put photos in my blog posts, so it’s an old boxing one.

Do you volunteer your time, and if so what do you do?


  1. I used to teach Tai Chi to seniors as a volunteer and I agree with you about numbers. The classes they gave me were often too big and some people would just get left out. I bet your students really enjoy your boxing classes.

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  2. Boxing is quite a workout. I did that years ago when learning what was called, “full contact” back in the day. I’m not retired yet but I do managed to gather some of my old students for a few classes every year. We don’t do heavy contact but focus on technique and staying in shape in case we have to do our 2 minutes of self-defense someday. I enjoy your martial arts topics… not so much the delicious looking carbs 🙂

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