Read this before buying the TASIPA Manicure Pedicure Set, Nail Clippers Set of 12Pcs, Professional Grooming Kit with Portable Travel Case.

If you have really hard difficult nails to cut, do not buy this product.  It states on the Amazon webpage that the TASIPA Manicure Pedicure Set is ‘made of top quality Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel, have a extreme hardness, never rusts, built to last a lifetime.
12Pcs Manicure and Pedicure Nail Set Processed by Electroplating technology: corrosion-resistant, super sharp, hard and durable. ‘

My husband is diabetic, and his toenails get really hard.  He soaks them in Epsom salts for an hour before cutting the nails.  He used the clippers, and when they close they just don’t work for his nails.  These are supposed to be top quality stainless steel and built to last a lifetime.  What can I say.


It consists of: ‘Multi-Function Nail Clipper Kits :Manicuring, Pedicuring, Eyebrow Shaping, Anti-Acne, Exfoliating, etc. Perfect manicure set for men and women.’

This set is fine for a travel set, or people that don’t have thickened nails.  I personally can’t recommend it, but will use the scissors when away.

I did received this kit for half price, and as you can see, I am always honest in my reviews.



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