YADEA Personal Security Alarm, Personal Safety alarm with LED Flashlight for Women,Kids,Elderly Emergency Portable Security Alarms,

Although I do boxing, lift weights, flip tires, etc., I could still be caught in a situation where I need help.  That is why I wanted the Yadea Personal Security Alarm.

There are 2 in the pack, 1 gold color, and the other silver.  They have a ring on the top, which means you can put it over a finger, or attach it to a purse, belt, etc.  The button at the front is for the flashlight, and the one at the side that has a pin, when you pull in the high decibel alarm goes off.  As soon as you put it back in, it stops.

The sound is really loud, and if you were in a parking lot, people around you would certainly here it.

I often go shopping on my own, and this is what I will be carrying with me.  It won’t fight off a gun, but with my knowledge, and the siren noise, I would at least have a fighting chance of getting away.  In this day, and age, you can never be too careful.

This would also be good for children, and the elderly as a medical alert, to try to get attention.

I did buy these at a discounted price, and am pleased that I did.  I can pass the over one on to another lady.




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