Do banks frustrate you?

We had a letter a couple of years back saying that one of our 2 banks, that are local was closing.  As it wasn’t convenient to travel to another branch we closed that account, and have only one now.

Well, we got the letter a couple of months ago saying that our local branch of this bank is closing.  As we have a safety deposit box, we transferred to another branch.  Last week my husband had to get something notarized, so we went to the one that is closing, as it’s in the same parking lot as the gym.  They couldn’t do it, so we ended up going to our new branch.

Here the manager was helpful, and offered my husband a credit card.  I already have one, and if we spend so much, they will give us a bonus.  He signed up for it.  It came today, and I activated it.  Then I wanted to add it to our account, in both names.

I spent around 45 minutes, and there was no way I could add one.  I then spoke to the virtual voice, and she answered dozens of times with nothing to do with what I wanted.  I then tried to make an appointment tomorrow afternoon in the new location, as we will be passing by.  None available.

I ended up phoning the 1-800 number.  Got a really nice lady, that I spoke to, and so did my husband.  He was on speaker phone, and she asked him some security questions, he answered a couple, but not enough for her to get into the account.  I wasn’t allowed to help.  She said the only way is to make an appointment with a branch.  I told her it’s now been 1 hour and 15 minutes, and I am back to square one, with no appointments available tomorrow afternoon.

I then went back onto the online banking, and figured as we will be at the gym, to try the old branch, that doesn’t close until next month.  I got an appointment for tomorrow afternoon, and just wondering whether they will be able to do this for us.

Oh boy, the banks have our money, but we have the run a round, to be able to check a credit card balance.  I know that with identity theft that they have to be careful, but my husband knew his social security number, date of birth, etc., and that wasn’t good enough.

Sorry, but so frustrating, as I had so much to do.  What do you think about the age we live in, and how it is impossible to do simple tasks.



  1. I’m expecting banking should be Bette over there. We now have a good system in Nigeria, though it sometimes becomes frustrating.

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