Finally got my schLOsS ElMaU Food Fresh Cover, Collapsible Microwave Cover, BAP Free and Non-toxic

I ordered the Schloss EIMsU Food Fresh Cover back in March.20180810_154902 I finally got it at the end of July.  I can tell you that it was worth waiting for.

When I heat us a plate of something in the microwave, I would put another plate over it, and then have to carefully remove it without burning myself.  Other times I would put wax paper over it, and it would slide off.  Having nothing on it, food would splatter, and I would have to clean the inside of the microwave.

This cute cover fits perfectly on a dinner plate, and keeps the food from 99% of splashes.  With the holes, that look like watermelon pips, the small amount of liquid might come out, but the steam certainly does.

Yes, I still have to be careful lifting it off, but it is durable plastic, which is so much safer.  When pushed out it can also be a trainer.

I know that there was an offer on it, not sure if it was a coupon, or discount, as it was so long ago.  Check it out, as this looks cute, and works well.


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