8 Amazon items delivered yesterday, and 4 highly discounted.


They are Corset Double Egg Holder, which is a really fun ‘gag’ gift for any guys.  My friend’s husband would get a kick out of this one.  I will hard boil 2 eggs, and then give him this little gift, with a regular gift.

The next is the Prima Bikini Set.  This is more of a younger ladies bikini, and I thought it would be good as a bra, and pantie set for me.

The 3rd one is the Xtend HydraSport BCAA Powder from Scivation,  I really wanted it as it as ‘Xtend HydraSport helps you maintain your electrolyte balance while also promoting muscle growth and recovery, with zero sugar, carbs, or calories.’  

Some days I sweat so much after boxing, with no air conditioning in that room, and need more than cold water.  It gives you what you need without sugar, carbs, and calories.  Just perfect for me.

The 4th one is a Hand Grip Strengthener.   We already have a couple, but you can never have too many, if you are like me.  Hubby has one next to his recliner, I have one by me, and now I will have one to go with me when I am on vacation.  These are great for anyone, as you can change the tension, to suit you.

All of these were discounted, and I was not asked to review them, but wanted to share with you.






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